Sirois Kaua'i Supports Limahuli Garden and Preserves

Sirois Kaua'i Supports Limahuli Garden and Preserves

Limahuli Garden and Preserve, located on Kaua‘i's North shore, is a bastion of native Hawaiian ecology and culture. It's a living museum showcasing native plants and historic taro terraces, illustrating the bond between the land and its people. As a part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, it protects vital species, provides education, and perpetuates the knowledge of traditional Hawaiian land management. Sirois Kaua‘i honors the dedicated stewards of Limahuli who safeguard these historical treasures. 

Visitors can enjoy guided and self-guided tours, as well as special events. To learn about the fascinating history and biodiversity of this natural treasure, as well as get information on the tours and events currently on offer, be sure to visit the Limahuli Garden & Preserve site HERE

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