Anahola to Kilauea


Coastal enclaves and  prime mountain vistas


Just beyond Kealia, headed in a northerly direction, the views open wide and the little whole in the wall of Anahola appears. A post office, general store, burger joint and fruit stand have you covered. Known for its expansive white sand coastline, walks can go for miles on end. The bulk of Anahola is slated Hawaiian Home Lands homestead. Passed by Congress and signed into law on July 9, 1921 (chapter 42, 42 Stat. 108), the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act provides for the rehabilitation of the native Hawaiian people through a government-sponsored homesteading program. Native Hawaiians are defined as individuals having at least 50 percent Hawaiian blood. Residentially zoned properties are also available for sale in this vicinity as are a few vacation rental homes.


From a virtual oceanfront plateau, Moloaa serves up some of Kaua'i’s best produce. Small Mom and Pop operations to organized commercial operations call Moloaa home. Further down Koolau Road homes dot the roadside and become more concentrated as Moloaa Bay emerges. The stunning white sand bottom bay and beach serve this tranquil community, as the lack of parking is a natural deterrent to non-residents of the area. homes are for long term residents with just a handful licensed as legal vacation rentals.


Some people say that the heart of the northshore can be found in Kilauea. Known for its lighthouse and the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, the neighborhood offers a mix of small in-town homes juxtaposed to world class estates. All are drawn to the artsy and off beat feel of Kilauea. The town has one of everything and now sports a new center, Ahuimanu, which has greatly expanded commercial options. Kauapea or Secret Beach makes the cover of any travel writer’s must see locations. Strong winter swells keep beachgoers away in the winter and calm waters welcome everyone back in the summer. Housing options are limited.

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