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Exploring Kaua‘i’s Craft Beer and Spirits

The lush landscapes of Kaua‘i aren’t the only rich experiences that await you on this stunning island. The craft beer and spirits scene here has been blooming, and an exploration of these creative brews and unique liquors is a must for anyone visiting. Kaua‘i offers a wonderful blend of traditional and innovative brewing experiences. From the oldest brewery filled with history at Kaua‘i Island Brewery and Grill to the unique mead tasting at Nani Moon Meadery, there’s something for every palate and interest. Brewery and distillery tours in Kaua‘i are not just about the drinks; they also offer glimpses into the island’s culture and traditions, coupled with modern creativity and experimentation.

Here’s a look at some of the best beers and spirits you must experience on Kaua‘i:


  1. Kaua‘i Beer Company, Līhu‘e

Kaua‘i Beer Company is a comforting spot where everyone can ‘feel at home.’ Located right in the heart of Līhu‘e, near some of Kaua‘i’s must-see museums, this establishment opened in 2013 and quickly became famous for its high-quality craft beers. With excellent customer service and top-notch food, it’s a great place to recharge between Kaua‘i’s attractions. Check their schedule for events to make your visit even more enjoyable.


  1. Kaua‘i Island Brewery and Grill, Port Allen

Kaua‘i Island Brewery and Grill stands as the oldest brewery in Kaua‘i, filled with rich history. Found at Port Allen, they offer brewery tours upon request and boast a full bar with cocktails, famous grills, and more. The 60-inch flat-screen HDTVs, pinball machines, and dartboards add to the fun, making it an ideal place to bring friends or family.


  1. Kōloa Rum Co., Puhi

Although primarily known for rum, Kōloa Rum Co. does offer craft beer, blending the ‘spirit of Aloha’ with local sugarcane and rainwater from Mount Waiʻaleʻale. Visit their premier tasting room at Kilohana Plantation in Puhi for a unique tasting experience. And don’t miss their rum cakes, jams, and Kukui Brand Mai Tai Mix.


  1. Hanalei Spirits, Kilauea

Dedicated to making premium spirits with homegrown ingredients, Hanalei Spirits is a must-visit in Kilauea, Kaua‘i. Enjoy craft cocktails like Hanalei Mule and Blue Hawaii or take home a Bar in a Bag or Hanalei Spirits Canvas Bags for your next destination.


  1. Nani Moon Meadery

Nani Moon Meadery offers something different from the usual beer or wine. Specializing in mead or honey wine, they craft their beverages using spices, fruits, and homegrown honey without any chemicals. It’s a relaxed and family-friendly venue that provides an educational and unique drinking experience. Booking a reservation to try their varieties of mead is a fun twist on the usual brewery tour.


If you’re on the Garden Isle and wish to imbibe in something beyond its natural beauty, be sure to explore the art of Kaua‘i’s craft beer and spirits scene. You’ll find flavors and experiences as rich and diverse as the island itself. Whether you are a beer connoisseur or just looking for a unique experience, these tours will surely add flavor to your Kaua‘i visit.

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