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Spotlight on Local Business on Kaua’i: The Aloha Spice Company

With a flagship store in Hanapepe, the art capital of Kaua’i, the Aloha Spice Company offers an impressive range of island-inspired salts, spices and Hawaiian seasoning blends. The company was created to bring the spirit of Aloha with their unique range of high quality products that feature both organic and sustainable ingredients. All these delightful, small-batch spices and seasonings are also locally sourced.

Fostering a deep connection with the local community, each item in the Aloha Spice Company’s collection is designed to elevate your culinary experience by adding island-inspired flavors to your favorite dishes. You can find Aloha Spice Company products throughout Kaua’i and on the other Hawaiian islands. They also feature a few recipes on their site, so be sure to check it out.

Visit the Aloha Spice Company site HERE.

If you’re visiting their flagship store on the south shore, west of Koloa, be sure to check out Hanapepe Town which was once one of the largest communities in Hawaii. The town’s authentic buildings include plantation-style homes that were used as location for several films like The Thorn Birds and Flight of the Intruder. You’ll also find art galleries and delightful local eateries, as well as a farmer’s market every Thursday at 3 PM. On Fridays, from 5-9, you can enjoy the open-door galleries and art studios. Another spot to check out if you’re in the mood for adventure is the Swinging Bridge build in the last century by plantation workers, now a cherished landmark.

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